Tips on Writing Copy That Drives Conversions

By | July 16, 2017

Writing compelling web copy can be difficult. Many of today’s marketers are concentrating on creating viral campaigns and an instantly recognizable brand, with a lesser focus on writing conversion-generating copy. Here, marketers can learn how to write copy for more sales conversions, email signups and account registrations/

Write Copy With a Clear Purpose

If there’s one thing marketers should know, it’s that if they’re not clear about what they want customers to do, there’s little hope of generating conversions. Before writing copy, it’s important to determine exactly what it should accomplish. This step will make all the other tips on this list seem much easier.

Know the Audience

For sales copy to drive conversions, the writer must know who they’re speaking to. By defining the target audience, the marketer can learn which types of content are most interesting to that group. When content makes sense to visitors, they’re more likely to come back for more—and they’re more willing to buy or sign up for something.

Write a Compelling Headline

A confused mind is more likely to say no to an offer. According to the experts, a short newsletter headline typically has a higher click-through rate than a longer one. Headlines should have useful information, set a tone and elicit a positive response from customers.

Emphasize the Benefits of the Offer

A frequent mistake in the creation of marketing copy is to talk about a product’s features rather than its benefits. Many marketers are so caught up in explaining what a product is and what it does, that they forget to talk about how it can help the customer.

Instill a Sense of Urgency

The unfortunate reality is that people tend to procrastinate. If a buyer knows they can get a product whenever they want it, at the same price, they may feel more comfortable delaying a purchase. Here’s where the call to action is important. To write copy that results in conversions, customers need to be given a reason to buy now. Products that are scarce are automatically more desirable, and copy should be written to reflect that urgency.

People are bombarded with marketing messages each day, and it can be very hard for companies to make their messages stand out. By following these tips, marketers can write web copy that increases sales, drives conversions and makes customers want to learn more about the company’s products.